Essential Components For Building In Web3

February 9, 2023

From the offset, creating a project within the Web3 space is no minor task. We’ve discussed on several occasions now that there is no one size fits all approach formula for streamlining the process. This is before we even brush on the notion of building a brand around a certain idea, as we’ve seen many established powerhouses within the Web2 space do time and time again. 

Getting the simple things right in the beginning is vital. Your project logo, website, whitepaper for example might seem like small indicators of a greater ambition or goal for the wider project but they play an intrinsic role in how the project is perceived right from the start. A strong, professional appearance is something all projects should strive for. If nothing else it radiates a sense of trust in what your project may be proposing to do, a vital ingredient in any successful venture. Trust and reputation are make or break issues in this regard. Without them, any project is unlikely to succeed in the long run. It all starts with how founders communicate and present themselves via the aforementioned methods. 

Social Media

A foundational pillar of success behind any business, brand or project in our modern world is built upon their approach to marketing. There’s no shortage of mechanisms by which a creator may export their business ideas to the world. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Reddit, TikTok. There’s a plethora of different mechanisms to utilise. Understanding the importance of an active presence across these platforms is critical if focusing on success. If your project or business isn’t, you can bet your competitors are. Many fall short in their efforts however as it boils down to a lack of understanding as to how to get the best for their business from their different marketing strategies. These platforms operate on algorithms that reward engaging content for example. A generic approach simply won’t work. 

The well known secret, although often neglected, is to create and share valuable, engaging content that keeps followers interested, coming back for more and that encourages them to share it with others within their wider network. High quality content is an absolute must when it comes to social media. Things like press releases, whitepapers, infographics and website content should all be carefully crafted, professional and well researched pieces. This helps to show a level of commitment and quality that will build trust in your project.


Well planned events help establish authority, trust and relationships with potential customers. As well as increasing brand visibility, attending events also helps to show potential investors that you are serious and that your project is real. Events are an excellent way to meet the community and interact with potential customers, but they must display quality rather than be an obvious trick to just get attention.


Partnering with other projects in the Crypto space is an excellent way to build credibility, network and increase visibility. Partnerships can be both beneficial and mutually rewarding and can help increase trust in your project from the community. Partnering with existing projects and businesses that are already respected and trusted within the community is a great way to start. There are many examples when even low quality projects jumped in popularity after striking a good partnership deal.

Some side notes on other methods to successfully build a strong brand within the space.

Commitment to your project is a prerequisite within the crypto community. Some founders that aren’t in it for the long haul vanish at the first sign of making some easy cash. This obviously won’t cut it. Commitment to your community and commitment to building a quality product will set you apart from the rest immediately .Building relationships with potential investors is an important part of building trust, as it shows that you are serious about the project and will deliver what you promise.

Transparency is also very important when establishing trust. If you are open and honest with potential investors, they buy into your vision. Keeping your team and investors in the loop on a regular basis is essential. Firstly, so they know and can keep on top of what is happening. Secondly, it's also a good way to build relationships.

Sticking to timelines (deadlines, delivery times) is also important. If you set a date for something to be finished, doing so is vital. There's nothing more damaging than not delivering on time, so make sure you manage your expectations accordingly. If you make promises, take all the necessary steps to make sure you deliver on them.

All in all, building a strong brand in the crypto space is not something that happens overnight. It takes commitment, dedication and hard work but if done correctly, can be extremely rewarding for your project and its future. 

It’s a daunting task from the outset when embarking on building in the Web3 space. There are many components that need to come together to make it all work. It’s something that we take great pride in assisting a wide range of projects with here at TONSMA, particularly with goals that projects set on the marketing front. Regardless of the size of the project, we have the team, connections and ideas necessary to help your project succeed. Get in touch today and our team will gladly curate a strategy that’s unique for your needs.

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