Marketing x AI

January 26, 2023

The dominant narrative that has been sweeping the crypto markets and beyond in the last month or two has been Artificial Intelligence. The introduction of Chat GPT has led to an explosion of conversation and interest in the topic and of course, there’s nothing more the crypto market loves than narrative reasoning behind capital allocation. AI projects have been popping off left, right and centre in the aftermath of Chat GPTs arrival, with $FET leading the charge from late last year until now. Price action aside, it has sparked some intense debate about what the future may look like and just how this new technological revolution may impact it.


It's no secret that an intrinsic part of our development as a species has been technological evolution as time has gone on. There’s a delicate balance to be struck. From time-to-time automation advances and leads humans in its wake. Take for example modern-day Detroit in the United States which never recovered from the collapse of its one-time world-leading automation industry. The same can be said about the internet in its primal stages. Many misunderstood the capacity to overhaul existing systems and protocols around the globe in the way that it did.


Alas, here we are today, completely fixated, and dependent upon it to function as we go about our day-to-day lives. The crypto space seems to be following an eerily similar pattern to the early days of the internet. Whether it follows the same pattern of global disruption is still anyone's guess, although we would argue that it surely will. Now we have AI. Something we’ve been forced to ponder over for decades now with there being no shortage of epic Hollywood movies and Sci-Fi tales based on the topic. It’s no longer an example of fiction. The future is now as they say. But what does it all mean for us?


Chat GPT was launched on 30th November 2022 and it crossed one million users within a week of its launch. An incredible impact in such a short space of time. To put it simply, its tech uses deep learning to generate human-like text for whatever question or scenario it’s presented with.  Already the internet has been swamped with reports of college and school kids completing assignments using it. We’ve seen some examples of CEOs allegedly using ChatGPT to generate emails for laying off 7% of their staff members. Just this week it was also reported that it had passed the US Medical Licensing Exam, a Wharton MBA Exam and a Bar Exam. Insane and impressive in equal measure.


Many are already seeing AI as a method to better advance themselves across a wide range of industries and professions. Paralegal work, accounting, copywriting, and content creation for example. The area most applicable to us is of course marketing. In a 2022 article on the topic, Forbes said this on the matter,


“Marketing is one of the areas of business operations where it is widely predicted that artificial intelligence (AI) will drive enormous change. In fact, a McKinsey study found that, along with sales, it is the single business function where it will have the most financial impact. This means that if you’re a marketer and you’re not using AI, you’re missing out on the benefits of what is possibly the most transformational technology.”


The key thing to take away from this excerpt is the phrase ‘using AI’, as opposed to relying upon it. The potential benefits of utilising this ground-breaking tech are unquestionably huge. Of that, we have very little doubt. Problems may arise from those that seek to take shortcuts by nothing less than overreliance upon it. Marketing, particularly from a crypto standpoint is something that is truly unique. A niche that is still incredibly new to us all. There are many different layers of understanding needed to understand how the market works, how investors think, how to feel out and find relevant communities for a particular project, find ways to keep them engaged, and the list goes on and on. Crypto Twitter especially is one of the craziest crevices anywhere on the internet.


Our argument is essentially this. To the eagle-eyed observer, Ai-generated text, for example, is easy to spot. What value is truly provided to any project if the approach is generic and replicated across many marketers that think they are cunning in over-relying on the tech to conduct their marketing strategies? Very little we believe. What founder or team are going to be genuinely satisfied if employed marketing strategists are heavily reliant on this approach in the future? Our answer is the same as before, very few.


The key to what we’re outlining is the necessity to avoid complacency and the inherent want that lives within many people to take the easy route. By all means, this new exciting technology is to be celebrated and enjoyed, but it should never replace the wonderful possibilities that stem from human creativity. Each project in this space is unique to some degree and as such needs to be dissected and deliberated upon by marketing strategists that are motivated to do something different with it.


We can’t speak in certainties about what the future might look like exactly. We can however make one guarantee on our own behalf. No rapid technological advancements will change how we view the crypto space or how we approach our marketing strategies. As brushed upon above, there are no issues in using this new tech to experiment, research and act as a general aid to day-to-day activities, work-related or not. Our approach is and will always remain to deliver clients wants and needs with every bit of personal care and attention that are needed to deliver the results they want and expect. We don’t see AI posing a threat to our team or working model any time soon.

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